Bowen Technique in our peaceful Cambridge studio 

Shoulder Treatment

How Bowen Technique could help you:

*Pain reduction

* Improved posture

* Supporting symptoms of CFS/ME

*Improving menopausal and hormonal issues

* Reducing stress and anxiety




Myriam Thomachot - Bowen Technique Therapist


Hello I'm Myriam

As a Bowen Technique Therapist, I work with clients who are seeking a treatment which will reduce their pain, tension and stress.  Bowen therapy helps to do this whilst also giving you the support to live in a more vibrant, calm and centered body.

I experienced sciatica and chronic back pain for more than 10 years before I came across Bowen Technique. Having tried so many different therapies previously, I discovered that Bowen Technique was able to relieve my symptoms in a gentle yet effective way and I soon became pain free.  The amazing results spurred me into retraining and launching my career in Bowen Technique and I have never looked back.

I have been practicing Bowen technique in Cambridge for the past 5 years and have supported many clients suffering with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Pain conditions, headaches and endometriosis, to lead normal lives again through the Bowen Technique.


The Bowen Technique - a gentle bodywork therapy


Bowen technique


60/90 minute session

Therapist: Myriam

Bowen technique is a gentle bodywork therapy whereby gentle stretches, rolling moves and fascia release are used to work on the body as a whole. These gentle moves are performed over muscles, fascia, tendons and nerves, this enables the release of built up tension in the body. It is common to feel much lighter after a session with easier movement and improved posture.

The treatment is carried out over your clothing, please wear or bring along with you loose fitting stretchy clothing, ideally yoga/gym wear or a comfortable t-shirt and shorts.  

Neck and Shoulder Massage


Truly transformative

Myriam's Bowen treatment has been truly transformative for me and I couldn't recommend her more highly. I have been seeing her for a number of ailments, ranging from headaches and back pain to fatigue, high stress levels and sleep problems. Myriam's therapy has helped me enormously with every single one of them. Since starting the treatment I have been feeling continuously more balanced both physically and internally. I was particularly impressed by how effectively Myriam treated my migraines and headaches. After having suffered from frequent headaches and migraines for two decades without finding an effective cure, it took only two sessions with Myriam to experience several weeks of freedom from pain - what bliss!

MM, Cambridge

Healing hands

Following too many years of intense hours and stress, I suffered a "burnout" and following 6 month of tests was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia. Myriam's healing hands have not just fixed the aches, pain and numbness I was suffering but she has made dramatic improvement to my breathing, mobility and managing fatigue. Pain, numbness and posture problems are all resolved. Myriam's application of Bowen Technique and care for the whole body has been the single most important part of my recovery and I can't thank her enough.

MTG, Cambridge, U.K



Does the appointment time include the consultation?

All appointment times include your consultation, in your first session we may take a little longer over the consultation, up to half an hour. In follow up appointments we usually take around ten minutes catching up to allow the treatment to be tailored to your needs on that day.

What do I need to wear and do I need to bring anything in particular?

Wear or bring along with you some loose fitting stretchy clothing, ideally yoga/gym wear or comfortable t-shirt and shorts as the treatment is carried out over your clothing.  

How many sessions will I need?

This is so individual and depends on how long you have been suffering with the condition, we will give you an idea on how many sessions we will need after your first session and will review after three sessions. For acute conditions three sessions may be enough for you, for chronic conditions we may need further sessions and regular maintenance for keeping your symptoms at bay.

How often can I have Bowen Therapy?

The body can continue to respond to the treatment five to ten days after the session therefore weekly treatment intervals are usually recommended.

Is Bowen Technique safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, as long as there are no complications in your pregnancy, Bowen Technique is available during your second and third trimester (from 12 weeks) as well as the extended post-natal period. We would love to hear from you by email if you have any questions.