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Wellbeing Consultation

A wellbeing consultation gives you the space to explore your health and wellbeing as a whole and discover the best nourishing remedies to support your health journey. Sessions are client lead and tailored to your health needs.

Wellbeing Consultation: About

Need some advice with a particular condition?

Need tips for a good night's sleep?

Looking for help choosing the right natural health products?

The natural health options available can seem overwhelming. I'll help you navigate your way through this wonderful maze of natural remedies and provide you with a personal Wellbeing plan. 

Herbal Treatment
Wellbeing Consultation: About

Welcome, I'm Tina

As a Homeopath and Wellbeing Therapist, I help you get to the root of your health issue and offer tools to achieve long-term healing. I have been working in the natural health sector for over 15 years, for an international Natural Health brand as well as working with clients 1:2:1 in clinic. 

I support women suffering from physical and emotional health issues to flourish and grow by positive self-care routines and making healthy lifestyle choices.  I work with you to pin point the elements causing illness to enable long term recovery to take place. This is an alternative approach to conventional medicine whereby the symptoms are treated alone and the underlying cause is often left untreated.

Wherever you are in your wellbeing journey, I help you navigate the many confusing options out there and create a bespoke treatment plan for you. I really enjoy working with women who are motivated to take their health to the next level through natural health.

Wellbeing Consultation: Welcome

How does it work?

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Book a convenient time

Your Wellbeing consultation will be via video call or in-person at Satyam Wellbeing Centre. Head over to the online calendar to book or get in touch by email to arrange a convenient time. Simply chose a 25 minute or 50 minute consultation.

Appointment Times:

Tuesdays 8:00-14:00 (online/phone)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00-14:00 In-person at Satyam Wellbeing Centre

Chinese Medicine


*25 minute consultation £35

*50 minute consultation £65

Comprehensive wellbeing advice included in every session. Any herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements and natural health products can be purchased separately.

Wellbeing Consultation: Services
Natural Medicine
Wellbeing Consultation: About


How many sessions will I need?

Consultations can be booked as and when needed however at least one follow up is usually recommended to monitor your progression.   

Are natural health products included in the fee?

Any recommended supplements and/or natural health remedies can be purchased separately following the session. 

Wellbeing Consultation: Welcome
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