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Pregnancy and Post-Natal Therapies

 (Massage available from 12 weeks)

Pregnant Woman in Nature
Pregnancy Therapies: Welcome

Pregnancy therapies can help to:

*Improve circulation

* Reduce aches and pains from restless sleep

*Reduce swelling in the legs and feet

* Improve sleep

* Enable relaxation - make you feel like 'you' again

Pregnancy Therapies: Welcome

Pregnancy Massage Therapies and Pregnancy Homeopathy 

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Massage available from 12 weeks


60 minute session

Experience a bespoke side lying Pregnancy Massage to relax your mind and body.

Massage is a great way to relieve the physical and emotional tensions that can often accompany pregnancy. The treatment is taken in a side lying position with pillows and bolsters to provide additional support and comfort during your treatment. Massage gives a calm space for connecting with the baby and having that special time to relax whilst allowing the physical and emotional tensions to be eased.

Pregnancy Massage is available from your second trimester right through your pregnancy until you give birth. 


Post-Natal Massage


60 minute session

Ideally all new mum's would have Post-Natal massage as soon as possible after giving birth. In many traditions, it is commonplace for new mothers to have nurturing support from those around them for many weeks after the baby arrives. In our busy modern world often once the baby arrives the support soon tails off. Post-Natal massage not only gives you some nurturing relaxing time to re-balance the mind, it also helps to realign and re-balance your body after childbirth. It's almost like a way of giving a nurturing thank you to your body for supporting you through your journey to motherhood.


Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Post-Natal and Newborns

from £85

Homeopathy is a natural medicine which is safe to use throughout pregnancy and post-natal as well as whilst breastfeeding. Many of the pregnancy related symptoms including morning sickness may be effectively treated naturally with homeopathic remedies as well as other symptoms which you are unable to take conventional medication for during pregnancy. During a Homeopathic Health coaching session we will discuss your medical history, your lifestyle, any new pregnancy related symptoms, physical symptoms, your emotional well-being and sleep pattern.​​

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Pregnancy Therapies: Services



You can choose your treatment type on the online booking page.


Hello I'm Tina  

As a Natural Health and Massage Therapist, I help you get to the root of your health issue, to feel empowered over your health, and offer you tools to achieve long-term healing. I have been working in the natural health sector for over 15 years, for an international Natural Health brand as well as working with clients 121 and establishing my own Wellbeing studio. 

Wherever you are in your wellbeing journey, I can help you navigate the many options out there and create a bespoke treatment plan for you. I really enjoy working with women who are motivated to take their health to the next level through natural health.

Pregnancy Therapies: Services


If you want to feel better and nurtured, go and see Tina

Not only is Tina an incredibly kind warm person, she absolutely wants the best for her clients. You always feel that she has your best interests at heart and this is very clear in everything she does. She is so generous with her knowledge and works ethically with very clear morals at heart. She has not only helped me with numerous ailments (migraines that I have suffered with for years) but she has also helped my little boy after his operation with pain relief and the healing process. If you want to feel better and nurtured go and see Tina.

Danielle, UK

Praise for pregnancy Massage

I had a pregnancy massage by Tina during my 8th month. It was such a pleasure and very relaxing. She made me feel so comfortable during my massage. The music and the aura of the room is perfect for an invigorating massage. I would definitely recommend this one if you are in Cambridge and around.

Minali, Cambridge.

Pregnant Woman in Nature
Pregnancy Therapies: Welcome


Are massage treatments safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes absolutely, as long as there are no complications in your pregnancy, our Pregnancy massage therapies are available during your second and third trimester (from 12 weeks) as well as the extended post-natal period. Feel free to get in touch by email if you have any questions.

Does the appointment time include the consultation?

All appointment times include your consultation, in your first session we may take a little longer over the consultation - usually 5-10 minutes. In follow up appointments we usually take around five minutes catching up to allow the treatment to be tailored to your needs on that day.

What do I need to wear and do I need to bring anything in particular?

There is no need to wear anything in particular. We will provide you with a glass of water however feel free to bring your own bottle if you prefer.  

How many sessions will I need?

This is so individual and depends on how long you have been suffering with the condition, we will give you an idea on how many sessions we will need to work together after your first session. 

How often can I have Pregnancy Massage treatments?

Some of our clients have pregnancy Massage treatments once a week, some have them once a month or just as a special occasion so this is really your choice. To get the very best out of your pregnancy treatments and the ongoing benefits, we recommend scheduling regular treatments ideally at least monthly.

Can I bring my baby along for Post-natal treatments? 

Where possible we recommend you come on your own to get some much needed nurturing time to yourself. If this isn't possible get in touch prior to your session and we will try to help.

Do you offer gift vouchers? 

We offer a range of gift vouchers for all our treatments, please see the link below.

Pregnancy Therapies: Welcome
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