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Workplace Wellbeing Massage

Workplace massage for you and your team in and around Cambridge

Workplace Wellbeing: Welcome

Are your team suffering with aches and pains?

Is stress causing them headaches and migraines?

Does team morale need a boost?

Is sitting for long periods causing fatigue?

Workplace Wellbeing: Welcome
Workplace Wellbeing: Welcome
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Benefits of workplace massage

* improved back, neck and shoulder pain

* improved staff morale

* reduction in headaches and migraines

* stress and anxiety reduction

* reduction of sick leave and absenteeism

Workplace Wellbeing: Services

Cambridge Workplace Wellbeing Massage

Modern massage chair in clinic. Medical equipment.jpg

How does it work?

From a few hours to a full day depending on your needs. 

Massage is carried out above clothing in a specially adapted massage chair.


15-20 minutes sessions are typical, allowing 3-4 people per hour. Bookings from 4 hours.


Available to workplaces in and around Cambridge.


Weekdays 8am-5pm


From £75 per hour


To find out more and to book your wellbeing event date get in touch here

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